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Project logistics

RTL is your reliable partner in modernization of plants, and power facilities. For RTL, project logistics is one of the prime business areas, with a lot of experience gained and a team of professionals to meet our clients’ needs.

Nowadays, freight transport logistics requires participation of a wide variety of specialists and constant interfacing with many organizations. Depending on the project scale, it can take a considerable time - from months to years – to complete the project.


Besides participation in all major tenders, RTL also works with direct client requests for commercial proposals on organization of project equipment transportation.

Our strong point is drawing up commercial proposals with the integrated approach to the task solution.

Our advantage relies on excellence of our logistics experts and experience of our engineers and technicians, coupled with capabilities of our customs division. The success is largely based on the Company’s network of partnerships formed over the years throughout Russia and in Europe. It is safe to say that all of our partners are reliable and meet international standards.

Our motto says: “The customer’s peace of mind is our concern.”

This is not just a phrase. Implementation of the project is always completely under our control. Even at the early stages of working on the project, we carefully calculate the possible risks. The key to this is a consulting approach when communicating with our customers and partners.

Based on analysis of cargo weight and size, our engineers select the appropriate type of transport from trucks to barges and river-marine vessels.

Technical specialists examine the transport route: they look for possible obstacles on the way of the cargo, inspect roads and bridges, and order expert examinations.

Company’s construction division will undertake the development of traffic management projects and special projects for the transportation of heavy lift cargo, as well as the construction and modernization of road infrastructure.

If customs clearance is required, RTL also involves customs division to the project.

All works are done under the supervision of a designated project team of experienced logisticians and project coordinators.

Our Company is trusted with its projects by world-famous manufacturers of petrochemical equipment, energy complex facilities, and industrial enterprises.

You can find the list of completed projects in the PROJECTS section

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