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Oversized equipment from India for the chemical production plant in Russia

Oversized equipment from India for the chemical production plant in Russia

In the spring-summer of 2019, as part of the contract for the delivery of equipment of the chemical plant, RTL company organized the transportation of the final consignment of heavy and large-sized equipment from India to the Russian Federation to the construction site of the chemical complex "Ammonia-urea-melamine", which will be put into operation in 2021.


The consignment consisted of the following three items of industrial equipment:

  • Crystallizer, 2 pcs. (63 500 kg, 1446 x 687 x 703 cm);
  • Regenerator, 1 pc. (98,780 kg, 3920 x 480 x 513 cm).

The cargo started its journey from the manufacturing plant in the Indian city of Dahej on board of the road transport, and upon arrival at the port, the chemical equipment was transshipped on board the ocean vessel using shipboard cranes. Specialists of the RTL company worked out the whole transportation route for oversized and heavy equipment before the start of transportation, taking into account the weight and size characteristics of the cargo, the capabilities of the involved transport, and used the opportunities to reduce expenses and time of transportation.


Loaded and secured for sea transportation, the industrial equipment traveled through the Suez Canal, the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, and after passing six seas arrived at the transit port of Constanta (Romania), where it was reloaded on a river/sea vessel.

The next stage of logistics of the three oversized items was transportation from the port of Constanta (Romania) to the port of Rostov-on-Don (Russia).

In the international port of Rostov-on-Don, where the stevedoring department of the RTL Group is based, the cargo was overloaded onto a river barge according to the ship-warehouse-barge scheme. To perform this operation, a mobile port crane with a lifting capacity of 64 tons and a crawler crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tons were used. All transshipment and fastening operations took 24 hours. After the opening of the customs procedure, the towing barge was sent from Rostov to the temporary berth, built specially for this project on the river Chusovaya in the Perm region. The transition from the port of Rostov-on-Don to the temporary berth took 19 days, during which the cargo passed through four rivers, six water reservoirs, and finally, the lock chambers of the Volga-Don and Volga-Kama systems of canals.


Unloading of heavy equipment from flat-top river barges to a temporary berth was carried out by the ro-ro method, the cargo was rolled out by road transport from the vessel to the shore via the access ramp.  This method has proved to be the most efficient, it significantly saves time and costs of the customer and gives the advantage of not being tied to specialized ports and does not require the use of additional crane equipment.


The total unloading time was 137 hours, the barge was ballasted several times, both longitudinally and transversely. At the final stage, the cargo covered 120 km in 16 hours by road transport. Special low-frame semi-trailers were used for the transportation, as well as modular trailers equipped with turning units that allow minimizing the radius of the entrance into the corner for the longest piece of cargo, the Regenerator.


The total length of the road train with oversized chemical equipment onboard was 56 meters, which imposed several additional measures for the safe passing along public roads and living areas. For example, to overcome the section of the route in the city of Chusovoy, it was necessary to completely close the traffic on some streets. The topographic features of the local terrain were also a thing to be considered.


Another challenging task for road trains was to overcome engineering obstacles while transporting Crystallizers. Since the height of two road trains with crystallizers onboard was 7.75 m, it was necessary to coordinate and obtain permits for the implementation of shutdowns of low and high voltage power lines, temporary dismantling of gas pipelines and heating mains, as well as disconnection and dismantling of the catenary of Russian Railways to pass one of the railway crossings in the city of Chusovoy.


All the three oversized and heavy items of chemical equipment were delivered promptly, leaving the consignee satisfied with the quality and timing of the services provided. With that final consignment, RTL company has successfully completed the delivery of numerous items of equipment for the construction of the “Ammonia - urea - melamine" chemical complex, the largest investment project in the Perm region in recent years.


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