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Following the order from PJSC “Gazprom”, RTL logistics company has organized the transportation of equipment for Moscow Oil Refinery modernization.

The cargo subject to transportation comprised 4 cargo units weighting 785 tons in total. The experts from RTL company have elaborated the optimal cargo delivery route from “Izhorskiye Zavody” Manufacturing Plant in the town of Kolpino, Leningrad District, to Moscow Oil Refinery.

The cargo was carried by specialized trucks from Izhorskiye Zavody” to the jetty on Neva River constructed by RTL ad hoc. The difficulty lay in the fact that the cargo transportation route lay across the residential areas and 2 railway crossings. The HV lines disconnection was needed for the safe passage of the road trains via each of these railway crossings combined with respective agreements upon the changes in train schedules. The safety of cargo transportation was guaranteed by preliminary road strengthening.
The next stage included the cargo transportation by trucks wielding special platforms to the prearranged jetty, where the cargo was loaded onto river barge.

The transshipment and lashing work have taken 2 days. The barge sailed off to Moscow via Neva River, Ladoga Lake, Volgo-Baltic Route, Beloye Ozero, Sheksna River, Rybinsk Reservoir, Volga River and Moscow Canal.
The final stage of the project will see the carriage of equipment right to its installation site at Moscow Oil Refinery area. At the moment, the full-scale reconstruction and modernization is under way at Moscow Oil Refinery aimed at its productivity effectiveness and ecological safety enhancement.

The issues of preservation of environment and environmental improvement (all this agenda being even more pressing for big cities) require great deal of persistent effort in the social sphere.
Meeting these requirements has become the core issue and concern for RTL company during the execution of this project.