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Italy – Russia, 2019

Italy – Russia, 2019

In early 2018, RTL together with its Italian partner DSV won a major tender for the organization and forwarding support of project equipment transportation under the largest investment project in Perm region, Russia. For almost two years, numerous items of equipment are being delivered from European countries to the Russian Federation for the construction of the "Ammonia – urea – melanin" chemical complex to be commissioned in 2021.


In the summer of 2019, RTL successfully transported the following heavy equipment for the project:

  • Carbon dioxide absorber (assembled item weight:  232.26 tons, assembled item dimensions: 50.93 x 8.20 x 8.20 m);
  • Flue gas cooler (assembled item weight: 113.40 tons, assembled item dimensions: 24.06 x 8.20 x 8.20 m).

Our company provides customers with a wide range of freight forwarding services. That is why while studying the weight and size characteristics and schemes of goods, as well as working out the route of transportation and selecting the necessary equipment, RTL's engineering department concluded that the cargo should be split into parts to be transported on public roads in the territory of the Russian Federation. Thus, 14 months before the start of the project of transportation of bulky goods, the specialists of RTL engineering department held a joint meeting with the representatives of the equipment manufacturer, where they suggested dividing the cargo into sections to reduce the size of the equipment to be transported. After agreeing on that, the two packages were divided into 10 and 6 sections respectively. RTL engineers performed the calculations, and the project implementation department proceeded to the transportation of oversized heavy equipment from Europe to the Russian Federation.

At the first stage of cargo delivery, it was loaded onto a river-sea vessel chartered in the Italian port of Ortona for subsequent shipment to the Russian international port of Rostov-on-Don. 10 days after leaving the Italian port, the oversized cargo arrived in Russia, where it was reloaded on a river barge and sent by inland waterways to a temporary berth facility on Chusovaya river in Perm region. To optimize the timing of barge unloading at a temporary berth, the RTL project team decided to carry out cargo transhipment by crane, for that purpose a truck-mounted crane with a capacity of 250 tons was used. A temporary customs control zone was also established there. At the final stage of transportation, the cargo was delivered from the temporary berth on Chusovaya river to the consignee's warehouse by road.


During the survey of a route for transportation by road vehicles, it turned out that one leg of the route, equipped with the automated weight and size characteristics control system, did not allow the vehicle carrying the cargo with a height of more than 8 meters to pass under the frame. To address the issue, a bypass road of 250 meters was built from scratch. The overall coordination and construction work on the technological bypass route took 2.5 months.


As a result, the cargo was delivered to the consignee successfully and safely, and most importantly, exactly on time. Honouring the company’s traditions, RTL team accomplishes new goals with consistency, responsibility and punctuality.